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Woman with muscular dystrophy fends off attacker

Woman with muscular dystrophy fends off attacker

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. - A Colorado Springs woman with muscular dystrophy turned a knife on her attacker on Friday morning after that man pressed a knife to her back and demanded money.

Cindy Weeks was walking from Smoker City to Safeway, just a few blocks from her house.

"All of a sudden somebody stopped me and put a knife on my back and he says, 'Give me your money.' I said, 'Well, my money is in my wallet so I need to dig for it.' So I dug for it and my knife was there," said Weeks.

She pulled out her knife while flipping the switch blade at the same time and flashed it in the man's face. He took off running and she said she ran the opposite direction.

Weeks has muscular dystrophy and she says her attacker probably thought she was an easy target.

"He thought I was weak and I couldn't defend myself. I hope he knows now, don't judge someone from the outside," said Weeks.

Her attacker stepped sideways while holding her with the knife so she was able to take note of his appearance. She described him as a white man in his mid-30s to mid-40s with dirty blond hair. He was wearing a greenish black jacket, dirty blue jeans and a baseball cap.

Weeks said she's doing alright, but the feeling of the knife at her back will haunt her for a long time.

"That knife on my back, that's something that nobody will ever need to feel, that's just too scary."

She is thankful she got away safely.

"He kind of slid it up my back and that kind of gave me a sick feeling in my stomach. He could have done something worse to me, he could have stabbed me," said Weeks.

While the attacker didn't take off with any money, he robbed Weeks of her sense of security.

"I'm just mad, he took my enjoyment of going to the store and going shopping.  If I have to have someone come with me, that's pretty sad," said Weeks.

Weeks's friends from church have offered to escort Weeks while she runs errands until she feels comfortable going out on her own again.

Weeks said one thing is certain, she will continue to keep her knife by her side.

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