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Women have higher IQ's than men

NEW YORK, NY - If you're gonna roll the dice...bet on women. Turns out women are better
gamblers, better doctors and generally smarter than men.

The proof from a new study that finds for the first time women are scoring on average points higher on IQ test than men.

One theory - the demands of juggling a family and work actually sharpens the brain..making women smarter.

But it starts much earlier.

At 20 months girls have 131 more words in their vocabulary than boys.

No surprise to our ABC's Dan Abrams. He wrote a book detailing everything
women can do better than men.

"The claim in the book is that women are smarter, healthier and unequivocally better than men," said Abrams. "I think this book has more credibility coming from a guy."

Abrams combed through facts and figures to build the case for women.

"We actually found that women hammer in nails better than men," Abram added.

He says Estrogen is also a big factor in the battle of the sexes because it makes women more risk adverse, which is why they are also better money managers.

And it makes women tolerate pain better.

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