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Wooden cross may belong to Jessica Ridgeway's killer

Police ask for information

DENVER - A cross recovered during the Jessica Ridgeway investigation could become a pivotal piece of evidence that helps authorities identify and locate Jessica's killer, our sister station, KMGH, reports.

In an ongoing attempt to identify the predator responsible for the abduction and murder of Jessica Ridgeway, police are asking the public to look these pictures to see if it could help lead police to the killer.

Police recovered a wooden cross that is approximately 1 ½ inches tall by 1 inch wide.  The cross has a hole drilled through the upper part and appears that it can be or was worn on a necklace.  On one side of the cross are three vertical bars etched onto the shorter horizontal section and a zig-zag pattern is carved onto the opposite side.  The cross appears to be a solid piece of wood and the upper post portion is offset from the lower post below the short horizontal section.

Authorities are looking for someone who may carry or wear this type of cross, may have recently purchased one of these, or is known to have some association with one.  Police are also looking for a local business that may sell these specific crosses. 

See more photos of the cross here.

Police believe there may be a connection between the Jessica Ridgeway murder and the attempted abduction at Ketner Lake, and urge the public to specifically look for someone with a cross like this that matches the suspect's description from Ketner Lake.

•Light skinned male
•18-35 (or someone who's appearance with a ball cap may look that age)
•Brown hair
•Medium build
•5'06" to 5'08" (Height can vary above or below these approximations)

Police are asking the community to call the tip line or send us an email with information that may identify the killer or where he may have gotten the cross from.  Tip line: 303-658-4336 email: PDamberalert@cityofwestminster.us

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