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Woodland Park Businesses Prepare for USA Pro Challenge

Woodland Park Businesses Prepare for USA Pro Challenge

WOODLAND PARK, Colo. - The USA Pro Challenge runs through the Pikes Peak region this week.

 After racing through Colorado Springs Thursday, the teams will head through Woodland Park on Friday.

"It's just going to add a component and a synergy of having lots of people in the downtown area," said Woodland Park Chamber of Commerce President Debbie Miller.

Portions of Highway 24 will be closed during the race, and parking will be limited.

Some business owners think the increased traffic could bring big business.

"I expect it's probably going to be busy all day," said Hungry Bear restaurant Manager Lynn Logan. "We try to order a lot more food, we try to stay on top of it, and we try to stay ahead of the game."

Some store owners hope visitors won't leave the city right after the race.

"They could hang around, go and have lunch, come into the shops, and just check out our downtown," said Vintage Vines owner Jan Wilson. "But if we're closed, they have nothing to check out. There's nothing worse than having all those people downtown and no place to go."

Stage 5 of the USA Pro Challenge begins at 11:20 a.m. Friday in Woodland Park. The teams will then head to Breckenridge.

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