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Woodland Park residents organizing mayor recall

Woodland Park residents organizing mayor recall

WOODLAND PARK, Colo. - Some Woodland Park residents want their mayor removed from office, and they're starting a recall process.

Mayor David Turley was arrested last month on charges of sexual assault on a child by someone in a position of trust.

"I was shocked and horrified, truly shocked and horrified," resident Ann Brown said. "My initial reaction was, 'I hope it's not true,' I still hope it's not true."

Brown said because of the accusations, Turley can't remain in office. She created a committee this week and is starting the process to recall him.

"We are a wholesome, family-oriented community with high moral standards," she said. "These criminal allegations cast a shadow and darkness over us, and as a community, we must not tolerate this type of impropriety in the office of the mayor."

Turley said he wasn't interested in talking. In the past, he has said he is innocent. And he has showed up at city council.

"He said he was going to remove himself from city events and activities, not come to city council meetings, not come to staff meetings and then he completely threw that out," Brown said. "Whether he's innocent or guilty, these allegations cast appall for the office and I think that we deserve a better leader for our community than someone accused of a crime against a child."

Brown said the community doesn't want a recall, but that it's their only option if the mayor won't step down himself. She plans on submitting the necessary paperwork for the recall next week.

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