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Woodland Park's Mayor wants people to vote on recreational pot

Woodland Park's Mayor wants people to vote on recreational p

WOODLAND PARK, Colo. - Woodland Park's newly sworn-in mayor said Tuesday night he wants voters to decide on recreational marijuana sales in the city.

Mayor Neil Levy said he would like to put the issue of retail marijuana sales on the ballot. However, he does not know how he stands on the issue.

"I don't know if I know the answer to that at this point. There are pros and cons clearly. I think a pro would be increased sales tax revenue that could be designated for particular projects. There are certainly cons also," said Levy.

The City Council elected Levy after former Mayor David Turley resigned in July. Turley is accused of sexually assaulting a 17-year-old boy.

During interviews for the position, City Council member John Schafer asked candidates their thoughts on retail marijuana sales in Woodland Park.

"It's important. Is it enough to make me vote for or against a candidate? No, it's not," said Schafer.

He does not want to see recreational marijuana sold in Woodland Park.

"I am not in favor of it, to tell you very bluntly. The sales tax revenue would be nice, the city could use it certainly but I think it is a dangerous drug," said Schafer.  "We just need to be careful. This is a democracy and that's what makes life living here interesting."

Levy said he does not have a deadline for getting this issue on the ballot.  He also said he doesn't know how other council members would feel on this issue.

"I don't know council very well yet.  I will voice my opinion and we will try to weigh the pros and cons, not of the issue but of putting it on the ballot and letting people decide. I am only one vote on the council," said Levy.

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