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World's first bionic dog visits Colorado Springs

Naki'o: four prostetic legs

World's first bionic dog visits Colorado Springs

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. - He's the first dog in the world with four prosthetic legs. Global star and local celebrity, Naki'o took part in an agility course on Saturday (11/30/13) in Colorado Springs to raise awareness for animals with disabilities.

Naki'o has more than a million hits on youtube, and has also been on good morning america. He was left in an abandoned home in the harsh Nebraska winter and was found frozen to a puddle.

Severe frostbite took all his toes on all four legs. Now Naki'o has touched the hearts of millions of people across the world on his mission to change the lives of his fellow disabled furry friends.

"We just really wanted to raise awareness and show the public how capable these animals are. A lot fo the times they're on the un-adoptable list and first on euthenasia list in shelters. And today we just want to show how amazing they really are. And they can do everything a normal dog can do," said Naik'o's Underdog Rescue Inc.representative Christie Pace.

Many disabled dogs and their proud owners were at Saturday's second annual Pet Rally hosted by Nakio's Underdog Rescue Inc.

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