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YMCA makes it hard to become camp counselor

Camp Counselor Checks

Pueblo, CO - KRDO NewsChannel 13 took a close look at what's involved in becoming a camp counselor.

Douglas Lauritzen, the director of operations at the YMCA in Pueblo is all too familiar with children's laughter.

In order to keep children smiling and laughing, he makes it hard to be an employee at the YMCA.

"We are very proactive in the child abuse prevention side of that. When you put that in the forefront of your application, of your interview, of your training process, it helps to make the predators go somewhere else," said Lauritzen.

Max Clark oversees YMCA camps, and like Lauritzen, he's picky when it comes to hiring camp counselors.

"We do a lot of background checks, up to six background checks. We get permission to do state, federal and FBI fingerprinting backgrounds, things like that. Its important to us because we don't take chances with kids," said Clark.

He admits it's easy to become friends with the children at camp, but those friendships are monitored closely.

"We have policies specifically on how to you interact with children." said Lauritzen.

"Campers are never allowed alone with staff," said Clark.

Their regulations even forbid counselors to be Facebook friends with campers.

Even the layout of the YMCA in Pueblo was made to ensure the safety of children. There are several windows throughout the entire building; Clark said its nearly impossible for anyone to hide.

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