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Yoder Still Battling Invasion of Tumbleweeds

Some have to dig into or out of homes and buildings

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Colorado Springs, Colo. - They've been digging their way into and out of homes and buildings for days now. Folks in Yoder are battling an invasion of tumbleweeds.

79-year-old Margot Paul has tumbleweeds piled over ten feet high in some parts of her yard. They're filling her driveway and even forced her to sell her two goats because she had nowhere to keep them.

The tumbleweeds filled the pens she was keeping them in. Margot says she's raised goats all her life. "When it really started blowing here a couple days ago I couldn't even put my goats back in the barn, the tumbleweeds filled up everything, I even had a deputy come and help me put my goats in the one remaining barn I could put them in and yesterday morning I had to sell them," says Paul.

Now with just her chickens to keep her company, Paul says she doesn't know what she's going to do about all the tumbleweeds in her yard.

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