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Yoder Still Battling Tumbleweeds

Many still working around tons of tumbleweeds

YODER, Colo. - People living in Yoder still have to work around tumbleweeds that have been piling up in roads and against homes and fences for weeks.

Joseph Upshaw and Dan Hopkins spent Saturday fixing their roof. They say on windy days they stand on the roof and watch the tumbleweeds go by; but as soon as the wind stops it's back to work, they say you never know how long it will be until it picks back up again. "The tumbleweeds were on fences but in some parts they were gathering into the road and you would have to drive through them," says Upshaw.

"Depending on which way the wind blows depends on which fence they get stuck on. I'll wait and watch them fence to fence to fence, if they get to be too bad, grab a fork and toss them over," adds Hopkins.

People should still be careful when driving in Eastern El Paso and Pueblo Counties, there are still some roads still partially covered by tumbleweeds.

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