Local reaction to death of Billy Graham

Local reaction to death of Billy Graham

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. - Early Wednesday morning the Christian community lost an icon, Billy Graham. Graham spent his life being one of the most influential religious voices in American history. 

By the 1950's Graham became a household name, after founding the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association. Graham was lauded for inclusivity and contributing to social change. 

Pastor Brady Boyd of the New Life Church grew up living by the word of Reverend Graham.

"Growing up, every pastor I know wanted to preach like Billy Graham, wanted to sound like Billy Graham," said Pastor Boyd.

President Jim Daily of Focus on the Family, spoke about Graham in his radio talk show airing Thursday. 

"He would have put politics to the side you can influence them and that's important but that's not the end game the game is making sure everyone knows Jesus loves them and cares enough to die for their sins. That's the message," said Daily.

While keeping politics aside, Graham prayed with every US President from Harry Truman to Barack Obama. 

"I heard a story this morning that on 911 when every other airplane was grounded the only airplane that was in the air was his on the way to the White House," said Pastor Brady.

Graham was 99 years old. 

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