U.S. senators and representatives will face the wrath of voters once the federal government shutdown ends, a local political scientist said Wednesday.

Bob Loevy of Colorado College said as soon as the 2014 election year, voters unhappy with the shutdown will try to unseat any congressional incumbent seeking re-election.

"I blame Congress and the Republican party specifically," said Loevy.  "But I think large numbers of incumbents in both parties are at risk because this crisis came about and took so long to fix."

Loevy called the shutdown "a manufactured crisis" used by Congress to take advantage of voters' concerns about the federal budget and debt ceiling.

Nyla Ritz of Colorado Springs said she wants to kick current members of Congress out of office, but doubts that voters will have the determination to do so.

"They'll forget about it," she said.  "If elections were tomorrow, they would probably vote the same people back in again."

John Smith of Colorado Springs said the shutdown wasn't without its merits.

"I'm concerned the general public doesn't understand what's happening to our country --going in debt," he said.