Nearby shooting puts Colo. capitol on lockdown

POSTED: 01:15 AM MST Dec 24, 2013    UPDATED: 06:14 PM MDT Aug 15, 2013 

The Colorado state capitol was temporarily put on lockdown Thursday as police investigated a shooting about a block away.
Police say shots were fired on Colfax Avenue - a busy street that runs through the city - but no one was hit.
The capitol was locked down as a precaution. State troopers rushed out to investigate but business continued normal inside, including a tour of the building.
Police say three suspects were arrested and weapons were recovered a few blocks away.

A witness told our sister station in Denver that a man and a woman were walking down the street around noon when the man recognized a second man across the street. That second man pulled a gun and fire two shots according to the witness. Four shots were returned by the first man according to the witness.

Both men ran off before police could arrive.