Lord of the Flies remake to feature all-female cast

Story will stay true to the book

HOLLYWOOD - A new film version of the famous book "Lord of the Flies" by William Golding, is coming to the big screen.

But this time it's being made with girls as the central characters.

According to Deadline, a deal has been made at Warner Brothers. The filmmakers plan to be faithful to the novel, but the young students stranded on an island will be girls.

The original novel, published in 1954, depicts British school boys who become stranded after a plane crash. They eventually split off into groups and some become violent and eventually commit murder.

The story is often referred to as an allegory for society, morality, law and order, groupthink and the pull toward anarchy. 

It's also about young men and what some call "toxic masculinity".

The new version is already getting backlash.

According to The Telegraph, some feel it misses the point and that girls would not act like the boys depicted in the story.

A release date for the new movie has not been announced.

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