Lucas Family all in Pueblo jail

Lucas Family all in Pueblo jail

PUEBLO, Colo. - The Pueblo County Jail now holds four members of the Lucas family.

Donthe and Duschon were arrested last month for aggravated robbery charges. Court papers say Donthe put the victim in a headlock and beat him for harassing his mother.

Donthe's robbery arrest came just three days after the latest search for evidence in the Kelsie Schelling case.

On Friday, while in the jail, Donthe was arrested for Schelling's murder. 

We also learned his sister, Desiree, faces charges for threatening someone with a knife.

And his mother, Sara, is accused in the same aggravated robbery case as her sons.

Sara appeared in court Monday. Her bond was set at $50,000, something her defense attorney says the prosecutors are only using to solve a murder case.


"You never know with a case as high-profile as this the length that law enforcement will go to try and build a case," said  Jeremy Loew, a criminal defense attorney.


Loew said oftentimes law enforcement gathers information from other inmates or communications. 

"They can do any number of ways to listen in on conversations, they can read mail. Once you're in custody, the law enforcement no longer needs a warrant to listen into your communications," Loew said.

But he also says in Sara's case, $50,000 bond for a robbery charge is excessive.

"It seems like it may be something that law enforcement is using to kind of strong-arm somebody," Loew said.

He said in Colorado, to be charged as an accessory to a crime you just have to have knowledge the crime was committed and not tell police.

Right now, the only person charged in the Schelling investigation is Donthe. He waived his first court appearance Monday and will appear next on Dec. 18.

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