Major Heroin Drug Bust At Cheyenne Mountain High School

COLORADO SPRINGS - NEWSCHANNEL 13 has learned of a major drug investigation at Cheyenne Mountain High School. Police arrested Mexican Nationals, and some former students of Cheyenne Mountain High School, who were selling narcotics to currently enrolled students at the school. 

A letter sent to parents of the District 12 high school says Colorado Springs Police are involved in an investigation of "black-tar" heroin possibly used by students at the school.

Colorado Springs Police spokesperson, Lt. David Whitlock confirms to NEWSCHANNEL 13 a "narcotics investigation" is ongoing. In October, the Colorado Springs Police assisted school officials with a student who had been in possession of Xanex and a false ID card. A police investigation of the student lead police to a larger narcotics ring; specifically black tar heroin.

At this time, families of those identified as being involved with the use of heroin have been notified, and services have been provided to facilitate intervention related to the drug usage.

According to the Drug Enforcement Agency, "black tar" heroin is becoming more available to Colorado drug users, with increased abuse in the Denver and Colorado Springs areas. The drug is known to come from Mexico and is trafficked into the Colorado area and other areas.

NEWSCHANNEL 13 sat down with Superintendent Walt Cooper who says the school is dealing with the problem aggressively and has provided education and treatment to students.

Some parents and students, however, were not surprised to hear the news out of Cheyenne Mountain High School. 

"I think it's really sad, I think it's a lot more common now then it used to be - I'm sure its always been around, but I think it's just getting worse," parent Dawn Barker says.

Barker has two students who attend the high school and says both have told her the drug problem is getting worse among high school students in Colorado Springs.

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