Update: The 20-year-old victim has been identified as Erik Joseph Tingey, of Florence.


The Blue Heron Ponds are a popular swimming spot near Florence.  The Fremont County Sheriff’s Office says a 20-year-old man lost his life trying to swim across one of them.

“The surface of the water was completely calm so they thought it was safe to swim across,” said Capt. Don Pionover.  “He became entangled in some very heavy vegetation that was on the surface of the pond.  He went under the surface and never came back up.”

The Pueblo County Sheriff’s Office Dive Team found the body about two hours later in about six-feet of water.

“The divers who went out and recovered him, they were having a hard time and they said they could not believe how thick the vegetation was from the surface down to the bottom,” Pinover said.

The FCSO didn’t release the name of the victim.

“They were just out having a good time today and it turned to tragedy,” Pinover said.

There is no indication of foul play or alcohol use.