Man gets life for El Paso County murder over missing drugs

Sentenced to life

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. - One of the men charged in connection with a man found dead along Highway 24 last year was found guilty of murder Tuesday and sentenced to life in prison without parole.

Jorge Galvan-Flores was arrested with another suspect, Anthony Loya, in the death of Lawrence Gloster. Loya confirmed he's a member of the "South Side Sureño" gang. One other man, Israel Jimenez-Roldan, was also charged with Gloster's murder.

According to police, Gloster was shot 13 times and also suffered blunt force trauma. 

Detectives say Gloster was killed over missing drugs, adding that Galvan-Flores was a drug kingpin who was known as "bird."

Galvan-Flores' was found guilty of murder, conspiracy to commit murder, and kidnapping. He was sentenced to 48 years and 16 years for the second and third counts, but those sentences will run at the same time.

Members of Gloster's family made statements, though they couldn't be at the trial in person. Gloster's mother focused on the time that she lost with her son. She said she tried to forgive the executioners but couldn't forgive the cowardly act.

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