Colorado Springs Police say a man who wanted their attention attempted to rob a bowling alley and then turned himself in to get it.

Officers arrested Paul Harrill, 36, early Friday morning (1/10/14) after he called them from a pay phone near the Brunswick Bowl on North Circle Drive.

Police said Harrill called them at 12:51 a.m. to tell them he attempted to rob the bowling alley.

Investigators say this all started on the evening of Thursday, January 9, 2014 when Harrill was involved in a fight. They say he was unhappy with the response he got from police and firefighters following that fight. A couple of hours later he went to a pay phone at 995 N. Circle Drive and called the police to complain. Police say Harrill told them that when officers did not respond quickly enough to discuss his concerns he went into the Brunswick Bowl at 999 N. Circle Drive and attempted to rob it.

Colorado Springs Police say that when officers did not find Harrill after the attempted robbery he was even more upset, so he called the police back and turned himself in.

Harrill faces charges for attempted robbery.