Midway Ranches community frustrated with lack of fire communication

Midway Ranches community frustrated with lack of fire communication

El PASO COUNTY, Colo. - When the first smoke plume filled the sky Friday, Brenda Clawson said her heart dropped.

But after spending hours stuck in a parking lot with hundreds of other people and still no answers from officials, her sadness has now turned to frustration.

"Ft. Carson is huge, they don't have to be shooting on this edge and then they come in here an we can't get answer one," Clawson said. 

And she's not the only one. Jim Osborne slept in his car Friday night hoping he might get to return home, but the only information he says he got was through the scanner app on his phone.


"I worked the Waldo Canyon Fire, I worked the Black Forest Fire, communication with the officials and stuff was phenomenal, everyone was up to date and knew what was going on, out here, they turned everything over to Ft. Carson and we haven't been told nothing," Osborne said. 


We've reached out to all the law enforcement agencies involved and by the time this story ran, we had no new information on the fire. But what they said during a press conference on Friday is that Ft. Carson has to do these exercises because it's deploying troops soon.


But for people like Gail Harvey who might not have a home to go back to, they've lost more than a place to live.


"Baby picture, all her pictures, all my grandkids pictures, if it's gone, it's all gone, can't get them back," Harvey said.


And just wanted to be treated with respect while they sit and wait for what's next.


"I'm just angry, I'm angry for everybody out here. There's people that have lost homes. There's people that don't know where their animal are. It's just insane," Clawson said. 


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