Chase Lehocky's chasing a star

Will Jennifer Lawrence say yes?

AFA Cadet wants to take movie star to Ring Dance

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo - Chase Lehocky is chasing his dream and doing it what it takes to make it come true.  He hopes to take movie star, Jennifer Lawrence to the Ring Dance on May 24th at the Academy.  Chase put together a two minute video video on YouTube and hopes his dream date will see it and say yes. 

He didn't post the video until the end of last month.  He told me he and his cameraman wanted to make sure that everything was perfect, "Why not wait for the right moment, right weather and right background."   I asked him why Jennifer Lawrence?   He told me,"I decided that Jennifer Lawrence would be the most down to earth person to ask."  Chase believes how she handled herself during the Academy Awards when she tripped on the stairs proved she wasn't a spoiled star and the right person to ask to the dance. 

Chase knows she's a busy person and if she says no, he'll be okay.  He just hopes she responds one way or the other. 

I asked if he had a plan B for a date.  He smiled, paused and said, "Not as of right now."  Go to our main page and check out links we mentioned.  I posted his YouTube video on it.  Who knows, maybe a young girl won't mind too terribly much going to the dance with Chase as an understudy to a movie star.

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