Former Army under secretary claims Fort Carson soldiers will deploy to Afghanistan

Conflicting reports Will thousands be...

FORT CARSON, Colo. - The former Army under secretary under the Obama Administration stated at the Transition Summit at Fort Carson on Thursday morning that Fort Carson soldiers will deploy to Afghanistan. 

The Gazette is reporting that Patrick Murphy said the number would be "more than 6,000."

During an interview with Murphy, he said he personally spoke with the crew who will be headed to Afghanistan. 



Fort Carson has not confirmed Murphy's statement only saying:

"There is no official notification of any deployments of Ft. Carson troops at this time."

Officials at the Pentagon have denied a claim by a former high-ranking Army official that more than 6,000 soldiers from Fort Carson, Colorado, will be deployed to Afghanistan.

MORE: Pentagon denies Fort Carson deployment report

The Fort Carson units are not likely to head overseas before the end of the year because the division headquarters are currently wrapping up a year of operations in Europe and there are still troops in Germany. 


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