Fort Carson soldiers reunited with loved ones after 9-month deployment

COLORADO SPRINGS - Cries of happiness and tears of joy are all you could see as 200 soldiers that are a part of the Third Armored Brigade Combat Team arrived home to Fort Carson Tuesday morning. 

The team has been stationed in Eastern Europe for the past nine months. They've been working on strengthening our ties with NATO allies. It's a part of "Operation Atlantic Resolve" that is a U.S. led mission initiated after Russia invaded Ukraine. 

"It's tough and a big sacrifice but really all worth it," said Lt. Michael Schuman. 

Lt. Schuman arrived home to meet his baby girl, Madison for the first time. 

"She's so big, oh my gosh, I mean look at her!" he said. 

His wife, Mairin Schuman, has been waiting for them to meet since he left in January.

"It feels like your wedding day all over again like I'm about to walk down the aisle all antsy," she said. 

This is the second to last deployment for the Third Armored Brigade Combat Team, which was the first team to start the "heel to heel" rotation in eastern Europe.

"It's a sacrifice that we give up so that others can enjoy these freedoms we have," said Lt. Schuman. 

The team traveled 19 different times to various training locations along the NATO border. The team's last deployment will be this Friday.




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