"Madras Maiden" shedding light in CO to lives lost in WWII

"Madras Maiden" shedding light in CO...

COLORADO SPRINGS - The Colorado Springs skies were busy on Monday with the arrival of the Thunderbirds but also the 'Madras Maiden,' a World War II B-17 Bomber.

72 years ago, these planes flew in an attempt to bring freedom to those who didn't have it.

Now, the 'Flying Fortress' travels the country to educate people about the courageous World War II veterans and to remember those who never made it home.

"You gotta remember, 58,000 crew members died in this airplane in WWII during the European campaign. A lot of people sacrificed so that we can enjoy the standard of living that we have right now. A lot of people still remember their parents, grandparents that fought in these airplanes. They come out, and it's very emotional for them," said Chris Tuckfield, The Liberty Foundation.

The bomber is touring as part of the Liberty Foundation's 2017 salute to veterans tour.

It will be open to the public for flights and ground tours this Saturday and Sunday.

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