Meet Colonel Bill

A true hero

Meet Colonel Bill

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo - It was my pleasure to meet a true American hero.  Retired Colonel Bill McPherson isn't just a hero for his service to country.  He was an Army combat helicopter pilot who flew over Vietnam.  On his 197th mission, he was shot down and severely wounded.

Colonel McPherson is also Army Vet helping shore up spirits and mentor medical personnel of Air Force Reservists at Peterson Air Force Base.  Colonel Bill as he likes to be called told me, "I enjoy talking with them, relaying a story to them and making them feel that they bring a lot to the fight.  There is no greater service to our country than caring for our wounded warriors."  Colonel Bill said he knows first hand how these medical heroes helped him decades ago.  

Colonel Kathleen Flarity is also a big booster of Colonel Bill's.  She said, "As an honorary commander, he serves as a formal mentor to our airman.  He's a sounding board and there for counseling."  Colonel Flarity also told me on a personal note, "My parents are deceased.  Colonel Bill serves as a mentor and role model for me.  He's my honorary Father and my kids' honorary Grandfather.  That relationship is beyond measure." 

Colonel Bill McPherson is a splendid example of supporting our military and that's why I chose him as our Wear Red Friday, military hero. 

If you have someone you know who is supporting our military in a special way, don't hesitate to email me at or go to our facebook or twitter pages. We're KRDO, Newschannel 13.  This Wear Red Friday hero doesn't have to be military, it can be a military spouse helping his or her community or someone who works on post or base who brings a smile to the faces of those he or she works with on a daily basis.  I look forward to hearing from you about who you think does so much to support our military or is in the military and is a true hero. 

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