Military Matters: COS facility helping transitioning veterans find jobs

Facility helping veterans find jobs

COLORADO SPRINGS - Finding a new career and beginning a job search is a major undertaking for any job-seeker, but it's especially challenging for someone who's spent years serving in the military.

That's where the Peer Navigator Veteran Integration Program steps in.

Located in the Mount Carmel Center for Excellence, 'soon to be' veterans pair up with a peer navigator to find work.

At first, they focus on soft skills like interviewing techniques, resume building and networking.

For Daniel Colvin, who gets out of the army in May, this is a chance to find leads and tailor his resume.

“And we're really just touching on the basics, identifying the skills I have. I've learned throughout the military and kind of seeing what that pairs up within the private sector,” said Colvin.

In the coming months, the Peer Navigator Program will mentor and use its resources to place Colvin.

Since it started in 2015, 352 transitioning service members have been placed into employment, training or education.

Of those, the average salary is $23 to $24 per hour.

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