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Medal Of Honor Day

Pueblo is the only city that had four living Medal of Honor recipients at one time.

"Pueblo has a lot to be proud of," said Faith Dix. Then again, so does she.

Her son Drew Dix was awarded the Medal of Honor in 1969 for his heroic actions in the Vietnam war.

"His dad answered the phone and he said Drew wants to talk to you. The first thing he said was, 'If I get a medal, mother would you come to see me?' I said, 'where ever you are and whatever medal you are given, I'll be there.'" said Dix.

He saved the life of an American nurse and also led another crew to save eight civilians.

"He did a lot of good deeds," said Dix.

The four Pueblo heroes are proudly displayed in the heart of the city and their picture hangs at the Center for American Values.
"We are here to be an inspiration and to educate our youth and general public that we are  a special place," said Dalton Sprouse with the Center for American Values.

There's a unique exhibit of the living Medal of Honor recipients since 2000.

"The only other place to see this same display is the Pentagon," said Sprouse.
Drew Dix's mother doesn't have to travel that far.

Even though Monday is National Medal of Honor Day, it doesn't change anything for her.

"Everyday is special day  to us," said Dix.

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