Peterson AFB 21st Space Wing wins Omaha Trophy

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COLORADO SPRINGS - A group of airmen at Peterson received a very special award on Thursday.

The 21st Space Wing was awarded the Omaha Trophy for outstanding support.

The ceremony was held at the Peterson Auditorium

The award recognizes the best wing in the U.S. Strategic Command.

“You have to understand the scope of us strategic command, it has 184,000 Americans all around the globe doing some of the most difficult work that we have to do. From nuclear weapons to space, to cyberspace, missile defense, electronic welfare, all of those capabilities are essential to the security of this nation,” said Commander John Hyten.

“I'm super proud of the men and women in the 21st Space wing that won this award, the Omaha Award. This just represents what a wonderful wing we have that performs missile warnings, missile defense, space situations and space control for us strategic command and for our national authorities,” said Colonel Douglas Schiess with U.S. Air Force.

This is the first time the unit at Peterson has received the award.

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