Southern Colorado recognizes 75th anniversary of Pearl Harbor

Remembering Pearl Harbor

COLORADO SPRINGS - On this 75th anniversary, people across the world are looking back on the attack on Pearl Harbor including those in southern Colorado.

The surprise attack by Japanese forces on the USS Arizona as it was anchored at Pearl Harbor killed more than 2,400 Americans.

On Wednesday, people gathered at the Pioneers Museum in downtown Colorado Springs.

During a special ceremony, a member of each branch of the military laid a wreath as members of the community paid their respects.

“It's a day we always have to commemorate even though it was a gigantic tragedy for us all.
Things were kind of bleak, but we turned it around very fast. That makes me very thankful,” said Anthony Santora.

A special f-16 flyover of downtown Colorado Springs was scheduled for that morning at 10:47, the exact time of the attack on Pearl Harbor. However, it was canceled due to the weather.

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