3 arrested; weapons, drugs seized in Pueblo West home raid

Anonymous tip led to 6-month investigation

Guns, Drugs Seized in Raid of Pueblo West Home

PUEBLO WEST, Colo. - Pat Gordon said she had been suspicious of a home in the 1000 block of Linda Avenue in Pueblo West, and her suspicions were confirmed this weekend with the raid of a home by authorities.

"I'm not real surprised because that's a pretty nice house," she said.  "If you look at the windows (which were covered), there's no lawn, and the way the cars are parked, there's something else going on."

The Narcotics Unit of the Pueblo County Sheriff's Office obtained a search warrant for the home Friday night.  The unit seized a large number of weapons, ammunition, knives, machetes, methamphetamine and cash.

Arrested were Steven Wilson, 51, the home's owner; Shane Smith, 39; and Kimberlie Verigan, 35.  Authorities said the trio will be charged with felony counts related to the search, and that each had a previous felony conviction and/or outstanding warrants for their arrest.

The Sheriff's Office said Verigan's outstanding charges included two Department of Corrections escape warrants.  Smith is currently on probation.  Wilson had multiple arrest warrants from Pueblo and El Paso counties.

Any new felony charges will include special offender charges because each was a convicted felon, prohibited from possessing weapons and controlled substances, the Sheriff's Office said.

Authorities had been watching the home for more than six months after being led to it by an anonymous tip.

Pueblo County Sheriff Kirk Taylor remarked on the risks associated with entry during a search warrant execution.

"This was a tough entry, every gun loaded and ready to fire, some within arm's reach of the suspects," he said.  "The Narcotics Unit works with precision and as a team, and that shows in their continued safety and success."

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