Colorado Springs to get 4 new flood mitigation projects

Projects to be financed by federal, state, local money

New Flood Mitigation Projects Coming to Colorado Springs

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. - Residents surprised by the amount of flooding last fall are glad to hear about four mitigation projects scheduled to begin next month, to be completed in early July.

Two of the projects will remove debris and stabilize eroded banks along Cheyenne Creek.  The surrounding neighborhood was hit hard by flooding last September.  Work will be done along Cheyenne Road near Mayhurst Avenue, Scott Street and Stratton Avenue.

Andi Chernushin, one of many residents who had flood damage inside and outside their homes, is glad the city will start the projects.

"It's great news," she said.  "It's actually been the citizens being involved, looking for funding.  City staff has been phenomenal working with us."

The remaining two projects will build flood retention ponds near Camp Creek north of Garden of the Gods, and on Douglas Creek near the Flying W Ranch.

Tim Mitros, the city's stormwater manager, said the ponds will be larger than previous ponds that filled up with runoff and debris faster than expected.

"We'll still need to clean them out often," he said.  "And we need to finish them soon.  If we don't, the sediment will go down our stormwater system and cause problems there."

Floods from Camp Creek have deposited a large amount of sediment several feet deep along the border between the Garden and Glen Eyrie.  Mitros said part of the city's work will include planting vegetation in areas denuded by sediment, floods and debris.

The four projects will cost $850,000.  Most of that will be paid with federal and state money, but the city was required to contribute a matching amount of 12 percent.

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