Monument man invents money-saving repair for cracked windshields

$80 kit cheaper than hundreds of dollars for windshield replacement

Windshield Crack Repair Kit Invented by Monument Man

MONUMENT, Colo. - Vehicle owners who hate seeing windshield cracks worsen and don't want to pay the expense to replace them, will love an invention by Tim Evans of Monument.

Evans, who said he has 30 years of experience repairing chipped windshields, spent 10 years developing and patenting the Crack Eraser.   It's a do-it-yourself kit that seals cracks up to two feet in length.

Evans said chip repair businesses don't fix cracks, and auto repair shops prefer to replace damaged windshields because that costs more -- at least several hundred dollars.

"It's going to save (drivers) hundreds of millions of dollars, and save tons of windshields -- most of which are going into landfills and are not being recycled at this point," he said.

The key to his product, Evans said, is its ability to slide on a windshield while applying a special resin to seal cracked glass.

"I'm a problem solver," he said.  "I want to help people, I want to help the environment.  This is what I do.  Even if the industry is kind of against what I do, that doesn't slow me up a bit."

The Crack Eraser currently sells online for $80, but Evans said the price will drop if he can find an investor to market the product in auto parts stores.  The repair kit can be used several times, he said.

Evans sets up to repair cracked windshields in a parking lot along Baptist Road.  On Thursday, his business was steady.  He said many of his customers are referrals from chip repair businesses.  The repair time is between 10 and 15 minutes.

"It's really impressive what he's able to do in a short period of time, to save you a considerable amount of money," said Dave Harms, one of Evans' customers.  "So I'd definitely recommend it."

Evans hopes to catch the attention of Shark Tank, a reality TV show in which potential investors consider business ideas from entrepreneurs.  He said he has contacted the show's producers but hasn't received a response.

For information about purchasing the Crack Eraser, visit or

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