Pothole progress coming soon in Colorado Springs

City to spend $2 million allocation on private contractors

More Pothole Progress Coming In Colorado Springs

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. - Colorado Springs Mayor Steve Bach asked for $2 million a month ago, the City Council officially approved it this week, and the city plans to begin spending it on pothole repairs next month.

Corey Farkas, manager of the city's Streets Division, said on Thursday that the city is currently accepting bids from private contractors for additional repair work to supplement the daily work currently being done by eight city crews.

Farkas said the money will be spread equally across the city, and should be spent before the end of summer.

Farkas emphasized that private and city crews will do permanent repairs, rather than temporary fixes, on potholes.  The seasonal opening of four asphalt plants allows that, he said, adding that temporary repairs don't last long and require constant maintenance.

Instead of temporarily filling potholes with a cold asphalt mix, Farkas said workers will cut a square around a pothole, dig it out, fill it in with hot asphalt and compact it.

The coming increase in repair work pleases Gayle Vigil, who watched a pothole being repaired in her northeast side neighborhood.

"It does concern you when you have to drive over them all the time, and your front end is a problem, and your tires," she said.  "Thank goodness Colorado Springs got that extra money."

The city said a wet fall, followed by a cold winter, caused potholes to be more of a problem than usual.  Bach initially asked for the repair money on an emergency basis but the Council told him the situation didn't qualify as an emergency. 

However, the Council gave the matter special consideration and accelerated the budget approval process to provide the money.

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