Potholes on private property producing problems

Contractors hiring to meet repair demand

Potholes Also a Problem on Private Property

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. - Potholes aren't just causing trouble on streets, roads and highways.  They're also popping up in business parking lots and driveways.

John Davis, owner of Davis Paving & Sealcoating, said he has hired five people to man a crew that focuses solely on pothole repair.

"We're trying to catch up, and we're going to be patching for a long time," he said.  "Our backlog right now, just for patching, is to June 1."

A particularly large pothole is in a driveway between the Sonic and Texas Roadhouse restaurants along Eighth Street.  It raises a question: Who is responsible for vehicle damage or personal injury from a pothole in a common area?

"General liability will take care of that, with the entity that owns the (nearest) business," Davis said.  "And we're seeing more damage and injury.  That's why businesses call us, before it gets to that point.  All the business comes at once, that's the bad thing about it.  But devoting a crew to potholes allows us to keep up with the rest of our paving business."

Davis said he's also seeing more potholes on concrete pavement, which costs three times more than asphalt pavement to repair.

One reason potholes have become more frequent, Davis said, is that they often are not repaired properly the first time.

"You can't just fill them and pat them down," he said.  "I see that a lot.  You have to cut around them and patch them.  It takes longer, but you do a better job.  In some places, they just fill and go because they have so many potholes.  By doing it the right way, we can guarantee a repair will last two years."

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