Pueblo Co. pushing to enforce marijuana tax

Pueblo Co. pushing to enforce...

PUEBLO COUNTY, Colo. - Caught in the crosshairs of a pending court battle, Pueblo County is working to compromise state legislation to preserve its authority to impose a special 3.5 percent marijuana tax.

A Colorado Court of Appeals case determined Adams County does not have the authority to impose a special tax on marijuana.

Last month, that court issued an opinion in favor of cities that had issue with Adams County's pot tax.

Adams County has filed an appeal to the Colorado Supreme Court.

"The decisions did not involve Pueblo County. The lawsuit did not involve Pueblo County. However the implication of the decision would impact Pueblo County's ability to collect a special marijuana sales tax on the sale of adult use marijuana."

Pueblo County may lose its pot tax if the state supreme court upholds the appeals court's decision.

In the meantime, $1.5 million in marijuana-tax funded projects in the county remain on hold.

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