Mother of Kelsie Schelling speaks out about Lucas arrest

Mother of Kelsie Schelling speaks out about Lucas arrest
PUEBLO, Colo. -
The biggest break in the Kelsie Schelling investigation in almost five years came Friday with the arrest of Donthe Lucas, Schelling's boyfriend at the time she disappeared.

But Schelling's mom, Laura Saxton, says finding her daughter is her No. 1 priority.
"That used to just frustrate me really badly that here he is walking free, doing whatever he wants, and Kelsie is discarded somewhere and not allowed to come home," Saxton said.

She says she learned of the possibility of the arrest on Thursday, but was overwhelmed when it finally came through.

"The fact that his freedom has been taken away is, you know, satisfying, but as far as it bringing, like, any kind of peace, or anything like in the healing process, I don't think it really does much for me in that sense," Saxton said.

Members of the Steel City Search Angels, the group that has helped look for Schelling, say they can't believe the arrest finally happened.
"I hope the next step is that he tells us where she is at. That needs to be next to close this out and for peace for the Saxton family and Schelling family," said Lisa Helvey, a searcher.

Dan Corsentino was a private investigator for the family early in the investigation and says he's happy the family is closer to closure.
"I'm hoping that very quickly Donthe will realize that this family has been victimized and he will share information and close this case out for the family," Corsentino said.

Despite the arrest, Saxton says, police promised to keep looking for Schelling's body to close out the investigation.

"I'm just making the plea yet again, if you know something, please come forward, please help us. Please help us bring her home," Saxton said.

The police have not released any additional information on this arrest or what lead up to it.

In the time Lucas has been in jail for the other charges he is facing, he has been in a few fights and is now under 24-hour surveillance.

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