San Miguel tweet plane crash

Telluride plane crash leaves two dead

The San Miguel's Sheriff's Office has announced that two are dead after a plane crash in Telluride on Wednesday.


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Kabul attack ambulance

Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty via CNN

13 killed in Kabul university attack

Student Farim Ahmad was in his final class of the day at the American University in Kabul when he heard the first blast. Other students, who had already finished, were gathering in the cafeteria.

Then came the smoke, fire and confusion.

Thirteen peopl...

Boston Police Car

Andrew Burton/Getty Images

No charges in police shooting of Boston terror suspect

Massachusetts prosecutors will not charge the Boston police detective and FBI agent who shot and killed a suspected ISIS-affiliated extremist in June 2015.

Trump Ferange

Jonathan Bachman/Getty Images

Trump gets boost from Brexit leader

Donald Trump hammered home his "America First" slogan on Wednesday by presenting the presidential election as a chance for voters to "re-declare American independence."

To that end, he enlisted the help of a British nationalist.

Nigel Farage, the forme...

Airplane flying through sky

Bruce Bennett/Getty Images

Why Turkey has gone after ISIS in Syria

More than 80 ISIS targets were attacked in the first hours of "Operation Euphrates Shield" early Wednesday, officials say, as Turkish armor and warplanes targeted a key ISIS-held town across its border with Syria.

Jarablus is one of the few towns in n...

Quake day 2 1

Giuseppe Bellini/Getty Images

Italy earthquake leaves 247 dead

An eerie quiet has taken hold over Saletta.

The small settlement of about 20 houses is less than a mile away from the epicenter of a deadly 6.2-magnitude earthquake, which killed at least 247 people, according to Italian authorities.

More than 1,000 pe...

Mount Ruapehu

Ross Setford/Getty Images

Woman survives in remote hut for a month

A female tourist survived in a remote hut in New Zealand for a month after her partner fell to his death while hiking, according to local police.

The young couple, who started their hike on July 26, weren't reported missing until Wednesday, when a sea...

University of Texas gun protest


University of Texas students protest gun law with sex toys

"It doesn't feel very safe knowing that there are kids who can bring guns on campus," a University of Texas student said at an on campus anti-gun protest Wednesday.

Orlando Regional Medical Center

Gerardo Mora/Getty Images

Orlando hospitals won't bill survivors of Pulse nightclub shooting

After a gunman killed 49 people at an Orlando gay nightclub in June, survivors of the massacre faced a new nightmare: mounting medical bills.

Indiana tornadoes copy


Kokomo tornado spawns damage

Three tornadoes touched down Wednesday afternoon in Indiana, damaging numerous structures in Kokomo and leaving 15-20 people injured, authorities said.

The Indiana State Police said the injuries occurred in Kokomo and rural Howard Country.

"All of the...

Atlantic hurricane satellite

NOAA via Getty Images

Gaston becomes a harmless hurricane

Tropical activity in the Atlantic peaks between mid-August and mid-October. Right on cue, we've seen two named storms develop in the past 10 days.

First was Tropical Storm Fiona, which moved harmlessly through the central Atlantic and dissipated earl...

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National park record-setters

National Parks Wrangell

National Park Service

The National Park Service, which turns 100 this year, protects 412 national park sites throughout the country. These are 10 of the parks' record-setting wonders.

Deadly quake shatters central Italy

Italy quake main

Giuseppe Bellini/Getty Images

A powerful 6.2-magnitude earthquake struck Italy about 100 miles northeast of Rome early Wednesday morning. The damage was significant and the death toll is climbing.

Notable deaths of 2016

Steven Hill CNN


Here's a look at some of the celebrities we've lost so far in 2016.

Best and worst states for women's equality

Business woman


WalletHub has released its list of the best and worst states for women's equality just days. The analysis factored 15 metrics including employment gaps between men and women. Click to see the 10 best states, followed by the 10 worst.



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