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Dollar General security footage captures bread bandit in the act

SHAFTER, Calif. - Police use security footage to find their culprit all the time, but when a Dollar General in Shafter, Calif. shared their surveillance video, the only thing officers knew to do was to put it on social media. 

A Facebook post made by the Shafter Police Department's on May 18 showed a white and gray husky playing tug of war with a store employee using a loaf of bread. 

"The suspect was able to avoid apprehension and escaped on all fours out the front doors," the post said. 

A day later, the suspect returned to the same Dollar General and even brought along an accomplice. 

The pair was caught, and according to police, no charges will be filed.

"They are currently in custody with our friends at Shafter Critters. Please contact them to claim your pets," said the Shafter Police Department. 

Since posting the video on its page, it has been shared over 2,600 times. 

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