New proposed tattoo policy shift for soldiers

New "Ink" policy

POSTED: 12:20 PM MDT Sep 25, 2013 

A  change in tattoo policy for soldiers is now days away.  The policy shift has been brewing for at least a year and a half.  The new proposed regulations haven't been formally published, yet.  According to an article in Stars and Stripes,  it will  mean no new tattoos above the neckline and below the knee or elbow.  I could not get confirmation of that from Army or Congressional sources. 

Congressman Doug Lamborn's office did confirm that soldiers with these tattoos prior to the policy shift will be grandfathered in and not be penalized for the "ink". 

Recruits will be the ones after the policy has been signed who will have to deal with the new regulations.  This is to bring the Army more in line to similar tattoo policies currently being used by other American military services. 

I'll keep watching to see when the new regulations take place.