New Roof & New Hope

Helping Hand By Colorado Springs Company

A home makeover for a Colorado Springs family. It couldn't have come at a better time for Mary Wilcox and her family. She and her special needs adult son live near downtown. Mary's granddaughter, Beth entered an essay contest in May held by Old World Roofing. The company wanted to pick a deserving family or organization and put on a new roof.

Old World Roofing owner, Rolf Whitley told me, that Beth's essay about her grandmother and her adult uncle who has cerebral palsy touched his heart. It was among 70 entries in this contest. Whitley said the roof that he's tearing off is the original and there is no insulation to help keep the home, warm. He and his company are putting in both, for free. This would have been a nearly 98-hundred dollar job.

Homeowner Mary Wilcox told me that this couldn't have come at a more needed time. She says she could never have afforded it. Wilcox thought the roof was going to start leaking soon.

Granddaughter Beth Wilcox says she had to try to win the roof because her grandmother is the rock of the family. She says her grandmother and her dad have raised and always been there for her. Here's how Beth described Old World Roofing to me, "For people to have such blessings and love in their hearts, to give back to the community like this is amazing. They are going to be truly blessed for this."

Old World Roofing is also doing a second roof freebie from this contest. Crews will start work on the Alano House. It's a facility that has helped substance abusers since 1995 in the Pikes Peak region.

I asked Old World Roofing owner, Rolf Whitley if we'll see a helping hand repeat next year from his company. He told me, "If God's willing, we'll do it next year."

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