On the court, 10 year-old Jaelyn Bates is nearly unstoppable, whether she’s playing with her male or female teammates.

That’s why she began playing on the boys team in her local league in New Mexico.

“If there’s not another team that she can go to where the competition is going to be equal,” her coach said, “so that she can continue to get better, why hold her back?”

Jaelyn says she likes playing against the boys, because the competition is better.

However, the organizers of the Southwest Salsa Slam Tournament said her team would not be allowed to participate if Jaelyn suits up.

They argue that if she is allowed to play in a boy’s tournament, what is to keep a “6-foot 10-inch freshman boy being allowed to play on a freshman girls team?”

Her coach says she is not receiving fair treatment and should be allowed to play, if she can compete.

Parents are joining the fight, asking the tournament to change its decision.