No deer harvesting will happen within Cañon City city limits

Some Canon City residents arguing for urban deer hunting

CANON CITY, Colo. - Deer in the front yard of a home isn't an unusual site in Cañon City. They've become such an issue, the City Council decided to study harvesting them within city limits last summer.

In fact, many people who live in the city say they're pretty sick of seeing these woodland creatures.

"We have to find a way to keep the deer out, and we're trying everything but it doesn't work," said Dana Paulsen, who lives in Cañon City.

Paulsen said he sees deer on his walks with his dog and in his front yard. He said he's disappointed the city isn't taking action to lower the population.

"Something's got to be done because they're just overpopulated. They'll start getting diseases and all kinds of stuff," Paulsen said.

Mayor Preston Troutman said they saw more people against the harvest Monday than ever before and ultimately that's why the option was taken off the table.

"They have been a little aggressive, so we do have more than we need, I could suppose you'd say, but right now it doesn't sound like the people of Cañon City would like to go forward with the harvest," Troutman said.

The deer aren't only a nuisance to drivers, they are costing people money. You'll see them in yards eating all the landscaping.

"We just put in trees and shrubs and all kinds of stuff at our new house on 6th, and they're all gone now because the deer have eaten them," Paulsen said.

Troutman said the city is still considering other options for the deer who seem to have no problem with their situation right now.

People within city limits can still hunt the deer on their own property during hunting season if they have a license.

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