Numerous sexual misconduct allegations nationwide could help victims in Colorado Springs

WATCH How numerous sexual misconduct...

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. - Following allegations against Harvey Weinstein in early October at least 20 other high-profile men in various industries now face accusations as well.

TESSA Executive Director Sherrylynn Boyles calls Weinstein's accusations "the watershed moment."

Boyles believes because of the number of victims that have come forward, it's helped others to share their story as well.

"As people saw that was happening in the press they felt safe to share their own story, it might be a years-old story but all of the sudden the felt they might get supported and sure enough, they have," Boyles said.

Boyles said 75 percent of sexual assaults do not ever get reported but believes this recent spike in people coming forward, could help others in Colorado Springs.


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