Occupy Colorado Springs Protesters Defy Police

Protesters Will Continue To Ignore Camping Ban

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. - Occupy Colorado Springs protesters continue to defy police and say they're prepared to go to jail. Some protesters have been sleeping on the streets since Friday, despite the city's ban on camping. On Tuesday, police said they're ready to take action.

"We're fairly enforcing the ordinance and in order to do that, it has to be enforced equally," said CSPD Sgt. Steve Noblitt. "This group has expressed an interest in an exception to enforcement, and we told them there would be no exception."

Several protesters met with police Tuesday, and said they hoped to reach some kind of agreement.

"This is permanent," said organizer Jason Warf, of the protest near Acacia Park. "Obviously, we're going to go down a messy road now, because we could have worked with them and this could have been an amicable thing, but they weren't willing to do that."

Warf has maintained that there's a difference between camping and occupying the streets in protest. He said Occupy Colorado Springs has found an attorney.

"I've never been to jail in my life, but there's a first time for everything," said Warf.

As of Wednesday morning, protesters continued to keep their tents up and police have not made any arrests.

Noblitt said that police do not have resources to waste, so officers would like protesters to leave voluntarily.

The meeting between protesters and police on Tuesday happened behind closed doors, but police said they expect to release video of that meeting to the public.

Officers said they plan to talk to city prosecutors about what actions are necessary.

According to Noblitt, police enforce the law and it will be up to the courts to define how the protesters are breaking the law.

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