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2 teens left in underwear after kidnapping

GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. - Two men have been arrested after allegedly taking two Grand Junction teenagers to an apartment against their will and demanding everything they had, including the clothes on their backs.

Grand Junction police took 18-year-old Enyinna Chiaka Irechukwu and Donte Levaris Barnett, 22, into custody on Thursday for their alleged involvement in the crime.

According to the arrest affidavit, Irechukwu and Barnett approached the teenagers while they were in a parked car near Blockbuster off of 12th Street and Patterson Road on Wednesday, August, 21.

The teenagers apparently knew the suspects.

They told police that Irechukwu was angry and yelled at them to get out of the car. They eventually complied out of fear and got into Irechukwu's car.

The arrest affidavit states that the teenagers were taken to Barnett's apartment at 13th Street and Bookcliff Avenue. Once inside, Irechukwu apparently locked the deadbolt and told the teens to give him everything they had.

Their property was valued at under $2,000, according to authorities.

Police learned that at least one of the teenagers reportedly owed Irechukwu money. He said he was going to keep their property until he got paid.

The teens were told to take off all their clothes except their underwear. They were also allowed to keep their cell phones, which they used to call police quickly after leaving the apartment in their skivvies.

Both teens believed they would be assaulted if they didn't comply with Irechukwu's demands. They said Barnett was much less vocal in the robbery than Irechukwu.

Irechukwu's told police that both teens owed him $100 each and they agreed to leave their things at the apartment as collateral. He also said they came with him voluntarily.

Following the investigation, Irechukwu was arrested on Thursday and is being charged with first degree kidnapping, robbery and theft. His arrest also resulted in felony charges for violating bail bond conditions.

Barnett was also taken into custody on Thursday. He faces charges of second degree kidnapping, robbery and theft.

The clothes belonging to the two teenagers are still nowhere to be found, according to police.

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