Colorado Spring Police arrest a man today accused of kidnapping and shooting a woman in the head in December.

Jose Luis Pilo Hernandez was located at the 2000 block of Capulin Drive at about 5 p.m.

Hernandez had warrants for first-degree kidnapping and attempted first-degree murder.

Hamilton Lee Sullivan is the second suspect in that crime, police caught him earlier this month.

Tear gas exploded, police demanded people leave a house and three people were taken into custody.

Police confirm one of them is Hernandez.

Patty Simpson lives in the neighborhood.

She saw the events transpire inside her home.

“They were shooting off tear gas. It was like poof poof poof bang bang bang and all of the sudden there was smoke coming out of the house,” Simpson said.

She said crime is happening too often in her neighborhood.

“It's not unusual we have people who come with police on this street. It's just seems like it's a normal everyday thing, which is scary,” Simpson said.

Police officers said even though the investigation is ongoing, they’re not seeking anymore suspects.