Orphaned fawn is rescued from the ashes of Black Forest

El Paso County Sheriff's deputies help save a fawn

POSTED: 06:08 PM MDT Jun 28, 2013    UPDATED: 06:23 PM MDT Jun 28, 2013 

A miracle, of sorts, in the woods of Black Forest.

An orphaned fawn is rescued after a family spots him near their burned home.

YouTube user "jlcrank" posted video of the rescue.

The person behind the camera says it was a week after the Black Forest Fire when he was helping friends go through the ashes of the home.

That's when the photographer says they spotted the orphaned fawn trying to get close to a doe and her fawns.

The photographer says the doe kicked at the fawn trying to get him to go away.

The photographer says the family called the El Paso County Sheriff's Office for help, and deputies Chris DeStefano and Jason Hess came to help.

After some time, the deputies were able to catch the fawn and wrapped him in a blanket putting him in the back of a car.

The photographer says the fawn was taken to a rehabilitation center and will eventually be released back into the woods.