Palmer High School Yearbook Dispute Update

Colorado Springs, CO - School District 11 is using forensic computing to respond to allegations of discrimination by several palmer high school yearbook staff members. However, some students are disputing the evidence brought to light by the district.

Palmer High School yearbook editor Anna Carmichael cannot believe her eyes. "This one was on here, this was on here. that was on there. I never saw this on there," said Carmichael as she tries to re-arrange picture on the page in front of her.

District 11 released on Tuesday what it says is the relationship page, that was allegedly cut because a lesbian couple was on it. This is the file that we recovered. This is the only file titled relationship page," said District 11 Spokesperson Devra Ashby.

The district is using technology to give it's side of the story. "No one except the D-11 technology forensic computing team had access to the page to make changes. neither the students or the teacher. The page was not yet complete. It is still in a template file but clearly shows public affection which is against Palmer and District 11 policy," said Ashby.

According to District 11, the problem was too much PDA on the page. "Lip to lip kissing would be something a principal would stop," said Ashby.

But Carmichael and several of her student yearbook staff members say that the page given out by the District was not the page that they were fighting for. "The yearbook advisor told us that we had to cut the photo of the lesbian couple, or she would cut the page," said Carmichael as she described the yearbook advisor's reaction to the page the students had created.

As far carmichael is concerned, this issue is not resolved. "The work that we had finalized, the work that we had done most recently, the one that was in dispute is not the one that District 11 gave out on Tuesday," said Carmichael.

School District 11 says it is still investigating the discrimination claims made by several Palmer High School students.

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