Parent Voices Safety Concern At D-11 School

Mother Calls For Firing Of Aide At Buena Vista Montessori

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. - Lauren Bagley said she plans to meet with School District 11 Superintendent Nicholas Gledich on Thursday to discuss a grievance she has with an aide at Buena Vista Montessori School on West Pikes Peak Avenue.

Bagley said she's unhappy that the unidentified aide hasn't been fired after two incidents involving Bagley's four-year-old daughter who attends preschool there.

In November, Bagley said, the aide violated procedure by not checking the ID of an adult who came to take the girl home, even though the adult was on an authorized list and had Bagley's permission.

Furthermore, Bagley said that last month, the aide was not supervising the girl on a school playground while the child was waiting for her mother. Bagley said another adult who saw the child alone and became concerned, supervised the girl until Bagley arrived.

"She just said that they forgot her," Bagley said she was told by her daughter.

Bagley said she was willing to overlook the first incident, but confronted school staff after the second incident. She said the principal, David Brilliant, told her the first incident was never reported to him and was never investigated.

D-11 spokeswoman Devra Ashby confirmed on Wednesday that the district investigated the second incident. She also denied D-11 told Bagley that a security procedure was to blame instead of the aide's behavior. Ashby said the school has changed some security procedures. As an example, the school now requires all students to be checked out inside the building, Ashby said.

However, Bagley said she's dissatisfied with the district's solution and wants the aide to be fired, or at least suspended.

"I truly don't feel that any child under her supervision is safe," said Bagley. "You don't want a child to be abducted, hurt or injured."

Ashby said D-11 doesn't discuss confidential personnel matters and couldn't say if the aide has been or will be disciplined. However, Ashby said parents are always welcome to suggest ways to improve school safety.

Bagley said she's not aware if other Buena Vista parents have had similar concerns about the aide.

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