Payouts Cost Taxpayers $454,200

In The Last Four Months Colorado Springs Paid Top Leaders To Leave or Retire

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. - Five key leaders in the city of Colorado Springs have left in the last four months, but they?re getting a parting gift from taxpayers totaling $454,200.

TARGET 13 filed an opens records request last week to see how much it was costing taxpayers.

Former city attorney Pat Kelly got the largest payout equaling more than $195,000. The money includes six months worth of salary to help the office with the transition of the new city attorney.

Pat Kelly ? City Attorney: Vacation Payout $ 57,192, Sick Leave Payout $ 41,787, Transition Pay $ 91,868, Medical Benefits $ 4,296 = $ 195,143

Police Chief Richard Myers will be leaving the city in mid-November. He was asked to leave by the Mayor when Steve Bach said he wanted to head into a new direction. Myers will get a $114,209 severance check when he leaves.

Richard Myers ? Chief of Police: Vacation Payout $16,650, Sick Leave Payout $14,112, Severance Pay $77,344, Severance Benefits $ 6,103 = $114,209

The city?s former communications director left in June. Sue Skiffington-Blumberg was given four months of her base pay, as well as vacation time. It cost taxpayers $61,574.

Sue Skiffington-Blumberg ? Communications: Vacation Payout $18,229, Severance Pay $38,935, Severance Benefits $ 4,410 = $61,574

Former Finance and Administration services director was fired. She didn?t get any severance pay, but did receive her unused vacation time. She is now suing the city for $1 million dollars. Terri Velasquez ? Finance and Administration Service Director : Vacation Payout $32,637 = Total Buyout $32,637

City Clerk Kathy Young came under fire for her handling of the city?s municipal election earlier this year. In July, she stepped down only collecting her unused vacation and sick time. Her total buyout was $50,637.

Kathryn Young ? City Clerk and Recorder : Vacation Payout $24,679, Sick Payout $25,958 = $50,637

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